Preparing your artwork

Getting your art to us as high quality images is fundamental in ensuring great end results for your merchandise and print! You can find artwork specifications and downloadable templates on most product pages, however these are completely optional. They're just there to help you set up your artwork if you need it. You can upload your artwork at the very end of the checkout process, using the artwork specifications on each page to set your artwork up to the correct size and resolution. You can then upload a jpg, png, ai, psd, pdf and many more in the uploader after you've completed the checkout process! All screen printed orders will receive a digital proof as standard, so you can confirm the sizing and positioning of your artwork before they go into production.

The templates aren't available for screen printed garments, but no problem! You can use the artwork specs on the product page to set up your artwork and email it over to us at

We can then check your designs before placing your order. Remember we're here to help!

If you have any questions about artwork set up, you can get in touch via our contact form.