Eco Friendly Ideas

Hemp Business Cards

Made from eco-friendly hemp paper!

Hemp Memo Books

Hemp Memo Books - 48 pages - green or white fiberous covers

Recycled Art Prints

Recycled 100#C French Paper Kraft-Tone papers in 6 colors

Recycled Business Cards

French Paper Kraft-Tone 100#C

1000 Recycled Flyers - $120

Recycled flyers only 12¢ each!

Recycled Flyers

Recycled French Paper Brand Flyers

Recycled Greetings Cards

French Paper Recycled Greetings Cards, 4 sizes

Recycled Notebooks

Recycled Memo Books - 48 pages - 2 sizes - choice of 6 cover colors

Recycled Postcards

French Paper Kraft-Tone 100#c postcards, 6 colors, 6 sizes

Recycled Perforated Accordion Postcards

A folded strip of 4 tear off 6" x 4" postcards on French Paper Kraft Tone

Recycled Perforated Postcard Sheets

A sheet of 8 tear off postcards in 6 French Paper Colors